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Studio Z is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Please consider a donation to help with any of the following:

  • Sponsor a student for a semester of classes 

  • Sponsor a student for a production 

  • Production fees

  • Exposure to professional theatre

  • Field trips


Why donate?

Non-profit theatre for youth and community does not run on tuition and ticket sales alone.   It requires an unending dedication by all involved and a lot of good karma.   Our giving campaigns are specifically for items that we either rent or could not otherwise afford.   Operations are self sufficient and paid for by tuition and participation fees. 


Your donations will help fund:

Audio Equipment such as wireless microphones and front of house sound production.

At Studio Z, we strive to teach all aspects of theatre productions both on and off stage.   We aim for technically clean and superior shows.  For several months, students work diligently on learning their lines, blocking, music, choreography and character development.  It's heartbreaking when microphones fail or other technical problems diminish their experience.   Our budget for 20 wireless microphones, digital mixer, antenna distribution system and elements is $31,900.     For each show, we rely on a mixture of equipment owned by the founders, borrowed from generous supporters and a $1700-$2100/week rental bill from local audio supply houses.   Our aim is to help the arts and our community by making this equipment available to other similar organizations when not in use.


Modern musical theatre productions rely heavily on “reduced” orchestras typically consisting of multiple keyboard players playing many different sounds or “patches” with a few select live instruments for texture.  All Studio Z productions use a live pit orchestra rather than recorded tracks.  A full pit orchestra with complex arrangement can rapidly become one of the largest expenses of the show and we often cannot afford to fill every role.    A second problem is finding keyboard players with the equipment required to faithfully reproduce the show.    This often limits us to who we can hire to play a show.   For this reason, we are working to raise $8,784 for 3 complete keyboard setups using Apple Mainstage for patches and Roland RD88 controllers.  This will allow us to program the show ahead of time and provide a quality sound reproduction and keyboard setup for the musicians.   With this equipment, a capable student who has plenty of talent to play the music book could play in the pit regardless of their financial ability to own the equipment required.


Thank you for considering to support our organization, and we look forward to your donation enhancing our students experiences.

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