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Policies & Procedures

Minimum Class/Production Size: There is a minimum enrollment of 5 students per on-site class. If that enrollment is not met the class will be cancelled and all deposits refunded. The minimum requirements for the Mainstage production will vary depending on the number of lead and ensemble roles for a given show. If we do not have enough students enrolled to successfully stage a production, all registrants will be contacted with further information.

Missing Classes/Private Lessons: At Studio Z, we value the work that is done and the growth that occurs outside of a rehearsal. For that reason, it is imperative that all students attend their selected Artistic Development Classes. Any student who misses more than 4 classes over the course of a term must meet with the Artistic Director to discuss their commitment to the program.  There will be no partial refunds for missed classes. All private lessons must be cancelled by emailing or calling the instructor by 10 am the day of the lesson. All cancellations after 10 am will be subject to the full weekly instruction fee.  


Rehearsals: Due to the nature of theatre, not every actor is needed on stage at all times. For this reason, not every actor may be called to every rehearsal or for the full duration of every rehearsal. We do this to make the most efficient use of our students’ time.  You will be asked at the time of auditions to specify dates your student is not available for rehearsal, which we will take into consideration when casting and planning our rehearsal schedule. You will receive a rehearsal schedule at the start of rehearsals, so please try to avoid scheduling conflicting appointments when you can. For students who wish to attend rehearsal even when they are not called, we will find something constructive for them to do. This may include running lines with other actors, taking notes for the Director, helping to build sets or props, etc. Any student who attends rehearsal when they are not called is expected to be professional and respectful of those actors trying to work. If behavior becomes an issue at any time, a student may be barred from attending rehearsal on their “day off.” Any actor who misses a rehearsal must meet up with an Intern or Dance Captain to learn any material that they missed. Continued participation in any scene, dance number, or the production itself is dependent on this. The Director reserves the right to remove any student who has missed 4 or more rehearsals for any reason from a scene, dance number, or from the production itself without a refund.

Tuition: A 50% deposit of all tuition fees for all productions and on-site classes is due at the time of registration. Payments will be billed monthly thereafter in equal installments. Payment for all online group and private lessons must be paid in full at the time of registration. Payment can be made via PayPal, major credit cards, cash, or check. Tuition for on-site classes is due on the first day of the month with a 5-day grace period after the students scheduled class. After that point, a $15.00 late fee will be added to the balance for every week tuition is late. There will be a $25.00 fee for all returned checks. There are no refunds of tuition once classes or rehearsals have started. Studio Z reserves the right to terminate providing services or expel a student from a production due to non-payment. A 10% discount will be applied when tuition is paid in full prior to the beginning of classes/rehearsals.

Level Placement: We want each student to have the best experience possible and receive the correct training. For this reason, all new students must enroll in our Level I classes to begin. Enrollment in a Level II or higher class can be done only after a meeting with and approval from the Artistic Director. Our goal is to develop new classes and levels each year so that a student may increase the intensity and specificity of their training with us as they move from 6th grade through high school graduation. Our program follows a model very similar to what college musical theatre, drama, or theatre production degree programs use.

Closed Rehearsals/Classes: Parents are not permitted in the room while classes or rehearsals are in session. To maintain the balance of the space and maintain the creative energy we ask that you please wait outside for your child. We do sometimes open the last 5-10 minutes of rehearsal to parents, and in that case we will let you know ahead of time.

Communication: Open communication is always a priority at Studio Z. Parents are encouraged to call, email, or set up an appointment with the Artistic Director and/or Executive Director with any questions or concerns about tuition, scheduling, and student affairs.

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